Tuesday, September 28, 2010


You passed, WoooHoo. I know you would have like a higher score, but you did it! You did awesome in 3 of the 4 sections including scoring off the charts in Science! See it is your calling. Math on the other hand...not so much. BUT it was more from lack of time then lack of ability. Had you skipped the hard stuff (aka percentages) and gotten to the algebra portion I think you would have rocked. So the next step is getting your application in!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010


ACK!! You are taking the TEAS test today. I am seriously freaking out. The only way I'd be more nervous is if I was taking it myself and honestly I think I'd actually be less nervous. Why, because I'd be in control. Remember to eat a good breakfast, relax, breath, and don't stress.

Why am I so nervous, because it's the entrance exam and you can only take it twice. Yes twice, or you can not apply to the RN program, at least not at Palomar.

But you will pass, and you will do great. And in less then 12hours it will all be behind us.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer has come and gone

Just like that Summer session has come and gone. You did end up getting 3 A's and a B in your Fall classes. You took History over the Summer, in 6 weeks, and got an A in that as well. I'm not sure if my extra credit book report helped or if you would have gotten an A anyhow, but you did good. Now you're in your first week of the Spring semester and taking a light load. The second part of History and PE, which is really just a cheap way for you to be able to work out at the gym.

The biggest thing you have going is your TEAS test during the second week of September. Everything else is taking a backseat to that right now. Study as much as you can without over studying and you will do well. I know you are so nervous because if you do not pass, you can not continue, but I think you'll be fine.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One Week

Wow time flies! My last posting was your first month of school and here it is your last week of school, crazy. I guess it's been pretty uneventful. You did get settled in and in fact your classes have been pretty darn easy. Which I figured they would be after those two science classes. Honestly the next time you will have tough classes will be once you're in the program, then we better watch out. So next week is finals You currently have an A+ in Reading and Sociology and not certain in English and RTV, but I'm sure it's a B and an A respectively. You're pretty much guaranteed an A in the first two and the other two will depend on your final papers and your final. Yippie for good grades to up that GPA!!! It will really help when trying to apply for the nursing program...again. (a post for another day)

Summer school starts in June and you will have 6 weeks, I think it is, of History followed in the Fall by History II and Speech, fun! I might have to make you throw in Chem or Spanish so you're full time.

You're getting there!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Try to relax. This is the way you feel for the first month or so, every semester. It will get easier, you will get into a rhythm. Just take a deep breath and chill. I know it doesn't help that two of your classes switched teachers, but you gotta make the best of it. We thought this semester would give you a minute to breath, but it looks like we were wrong. You will be better because of it. Better prepared for your life as a nursing student.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yippie It's over!!!!

Your classes are finally done. In three weeks you'll be at it yet again, but this time it will be all general ed classes towards your AA. But, you did decide to take a full load, and then some. Yea, you're a bit crazy.

So next semester you've got English (last one), Reading (to help with speed), Sociology (marriage and family), and Radio and Televison (it's a humanities class, need I say more). 14 units!! But still the same or less hours of classes then last semester. Interesting.

So after much stress and one teacher telling you several times, "you only need a C in both classes to qualify for the program"...You got two B's!!! I really do think you could have aced both classes had you taken them seperately. Oh well, it was the difference between getting on the waiting list this semester, or in another 6 months!!! You made the right decision.

Hope you get a chance to relax while you can. If not there's always the summer. Oh that's right, your going to school then too, and will possibly be working. Yuck.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


So you may ask "why not a Dr.?" Well I can sum that up pretty easily. Length of school vs. age, lol AND did you know you have to get straight A's in the science prereqs to even be considered for Med School?

My husband was talking to a student who he bought his Anatomy book from. She was a Dr. in Romania. When she came to the states, all her schooling was disregarded. She.was.a.doctor! She had to start all over again and take all the same prereqs as my husband is. She is currently in the nursing program at the local State U. Why only nursing? Because she did not get all A's on her prerequs. I really think I should remind my husband of this, because while he really had high hopes for A's, it's looking like they will be B's maybe even C's, but even a DOCTOR did not pass these classes with A's. How is that possible?

Oh and I'm sure he would also tell you it's because Drs. are asses and deal with paperwork, not the patient.